Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Feliz Thanksgiving, Etc.


Yes, last week this place was closed for Thanksgiving, which was fun. I got to eat plenty of turkey, arroz con gandules (rice with... peas? I forget that word), potatoes, tostones, and some other stuff at Victor Felix's house, with the sister missionaries. All four of us were in the same MTC (DR) district. Victor Felix made juice out of the fruit in his backyard. The rest of the day was pretty slow. The white handbook says to do as much proselyting as possible on Sundays and holidays but in Puerto Rico people just seem to disappear. Everybody is at the beach or partying.

We found this amazing young mother in Aibonito to teach, Xiomara Mercado. We found her while we were walking around looking for some referrals a member had given us. We weren't sure where Betania street was, so we kept asking people and they kept telling us it was right around the corner, which it wasn't. Anyway, we met Xiomara when we asked her for directions, we taught her two days later, and it was a powerful first lesson. She nearly cried when I shared the First Vision. The member couple we brought with us helped a lot as well. She was completely committed to come to church on Sunday, even though she gets home from work at 7am, but I guess that night of work was one of the hardest she'd ever had (she drives an ambulance), and she just couldn't make it. I don't blame her too much, but it was a big disappointment. She did call us, so we know she really is interested. I'm excited to teach her again on Friday.

We also finally got to visit Javier Martinez at home and talk about the Book of Mormon. He also was going to come to church but decided not to because we weren't going to be there (we still go to church in Aibonito, especially since we thought Xiomara was coming). That was also disappointing, but he's a very cool guy who wants to learn and be taught. He also buys us stuff to eat when he sees us in the pueblo. Very cool. We'll teach him again on Friday as well.

Edgardo Burgos is doing pretty well but not really progressing. He missed church too on Sunday because he was at his family's house in San Lorenzo. We are doing what we can to help him, because he loves the church and does want to be baptized, but it's a sacred ordinance that you have to prepare for, that you can't take lightly. We still love the guy.

So this week had some great stuff happen (new investigators! They're pretty rare), and also was disappointing. I decided to look on the bright side so I'm still happy and not discouraged. I did find out this week that next week, at transfers, I won't be in Aibonito anymore because they are taking the missionaries out of the area. But I don't know where I'm going, and I could very well still be working in Cayey. So I don't really know anything except I ought to pack my bags and make sure the apartment is clean.

I loved the list Lauren sent me of things she was grateful for. I don't think I have enough room for a list like that but I'll put a couple:

--my family, who love me and taught me how to have faith in Christ, how to pray, how to repent, and how to study the scriptures.
--Jesus Christ, who made it possible for me to repent of my sins and one day cast aside the natural man through His Atonement.
--the Holy Ghost, who prompts me to make right choices and helps me know what God would have me do.
--the scriptures, including the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and all the words of the prophets, which truly are a rod of iron that lead me to the tree of Eternal Life.
--my mission, which is becoming more and more precious to me each day. Now that I've been a missionary long enough to notice how much it's blessed and changed me, I wouldn't give anything to change the decision I made to come on a mission.

I love you all and hope Grandma and Grandpa didn't work you too hard! Stay warm, it was 69 degrees at 10am today!

Elder Teusch

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